Short Story: A4L-STARS


The club struck the ball with meteoric force and sent it rocketing from the tee into the sky, where it disappeared almost instantly.

“Christ, Agatha.” A voice whispered like a ghost from behind the golfer, who was by that point a little too busy putting out the small flame that kindled atop the tee with her coffee to pay her any mind. The Russian accent, something she considered a little stereotypical in her opinion, was a little difficult to ignore. “You might have overshot just an itty bit with that one.”

“Don’t jinx it, Alisa!” another woman hissed. Agatha looked away from her smoking tee just in time to catch her snatching a pair of binoculars from a blonde woman. “We can’t afford a bogey on this course.”

The blonde reiterated her partner’s words with a mockingly high pitch. The Russian accent continued to leak through. “Just saying it how I see it. God…”

“Cut it out, you two.” Agatha commanded. Alisa rolled her eyes while the other woman continued peering through her newly-aqcuired scopes. “Asuka, as soon as that ball lands, batter up.”

“You got it.” she answered, patting the bat that dangled from her belt as she watched on.

Agatha nodded. “Get your dancing shoes on too, Alisa.”

“Already wearing ’em.” the blonde confirmed, gently testing the steel toe cap of her left boot against the ground.

“Good. Now, as soon as Athena gets here, remind her that’s a big crest behind me that she’ll be driving over.” The very moment she jerked her thumb toward the cliff that led into the Berlin Crater, the Tower At The Beginning Of The End erupted like a newly-awoken volcano. “Also, Birdie.”

Agatha positioned herself alongside Alisa and Asuka, her club slung over her shoulder in a manner resembling the popular image of the ronin carrying his katana. Ahead, a frenzied chittering arose and grew louder by the second. Behind them, a larger beast unleashed its mechanical roar, closely followed by a car horn’s rendition of God Save The Queen.

“Prepare yourselves, girls!” Agatha called out at the top of her lungs just as Athena’s tank rolled out of the forest behind the trio and lined itself up alongside their leader. “The End is coming, and they are pissed.”

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