• Name: Jonathan Humphreys
  • AKA:
    • Richie Stacker
    • Mr. Pointless
    • The Pointless
    • Probably worse than shit
  • Location: Not sure if County Durham or Cleveland. It’s complicated. Either way, it’s North-East England.
  • Occupation: Full-time student

I’m a twenty-something dumbarse with too many daft ideas and no idea how best to execute them, which may be for the best. Some of these ideas, I’ve tried to put into writing, both in the form of the incredibly sporadic short stories you might find on this very blog, in among my rants and finds from across the interwebs, and in the novels that got me past the 50,000-word target for the past four NaNoWriMos, not that I’ve ever gotten around to finishing any of them. There’s always hope, though.

I’m easily distracted by internet memes, personal projects and pretty outfits.

While I’ve only spent the first five years of my life in the 1980s, I’m a little obsessed with that decade, though sensible enough to know that not everybody wore neon legwarmers and tutus on a daily basis. This has influenced my taste in music and movies somewhat, in that my iPhone is currently stuffed to capacity not only with soundtracks and compilations of the era, but also recent stuff inspired and influenced by it too. To a degree, that obsession has also carried over to my writing efforts.

Admittedly, I don’t spend a lot of time in the week reading, but when I do, it’s mostly fantasy with the odd detective novel (and even then, that’s rare). The odd sci-fi too, but mostly superheroes. Current favourites include Sergei Lukyanenko’s Night Watch series (I treat the movies like a plague, though), the Witcher series (of which I’m impatiently awaiting the second novel), and I’m slowly, but surely, working my way though A Song of Ice and Fire before each series hits.

I play video games like anyone else who doesn’t still believe they turn you into a killing machine. Mostly single-player titles. There’s only so much racist, homophobic squealing from poorly-raised under-12 accidents I can put up with, and to be honest, I much prefer local, same-TV multiplayer. I like point-and-click adventures, action titles that aren’t just 95% cut-scene, 2D shooters, platformers, fighting games, Lotus Turbo Challenge… if I like it, I’ll play it, basically.

You might want to keep me away from games with insane character customisation, especially if that includes massive amounts of clothing. It will be difficult to pull me away.

Of the online multiplayer games I do play, the one I’m on most is Guild Wars 2, playing perhaps one of the very few norn warriors not wearing the bulkiest, over-compensatory pauldrons available (though it might just be the male equivalent of boob armour). I was also a moderator over at the fan site GWOnline.net. I’ve since moved on. Second to that is The Secret World. I don’t play that anywhere near as much as the former.

I use Linux when I can. I’m woefully inexperienced in that I often have to scour the internet to work out what I’ve buggered up and how to fix it, and most of the time, most of the things I try don’t go to plan, but I’m crazy enough to have pressed on to the point of being able to use the command line in what could be considered a basic capacity and I have a small understanding of its file structure. a very small understanding. It’s a start, though, albeit a seven-year start, but a start nonetheless, right?

11 thoughts on “About

  1. writemepictures says:

    Hey, thanks for liking my story, Remains. It’s my first story for a while so I’m glad you enjoyed it. From one struggling writer to another, thanks.

  2. writemepictures says:

    Hey, thanks for coming by again. Glad you liked the zombie story, and thanks also for the twitter follow!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 We are thinking along the same lines – keeping a blog to spit out the here and there stuff. I wish you the best with your story endings. Terribly impressed you’ve won nano 3 times!

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