Short Stories

Retail Past

She found her favourite seat, empty as always. Her favourite seat for some time. Her favourite since she was little.

One Shot

You want to know where I got this nasty old wound above my brow? Be honest now. Okay, very well. I’ll tell you, but you’d better be listening, you hear?


The first jolt sent Molly flying out of her bed and into the wall ahead, almost comically slipping down shortly after the impact until she touched back down onto the floor head first.


By the time she was done, the bodies littered the dancefloor, the tables and the barstools, a mass grave of all who dared to try and stop her.

Pulling a Fast One

He was getting tired now. The fighter’s strength was diminishing by the second, and he could feel the drain on every swing of his greatsword.


The moment the back of his head connected with the floor, Mikul’s world went red.


|ir0nbard has entered the channel

Wild Ride

Ride like the wind, your Highness!

Shortest. Job. Ever.

Tina rifled through the photographs in her hand, all of the same person: a young girl, couldn’t have been older than fifteen.




The first ones, the monarchs, got the better end of the stick: eternal life and power that could destroy a small militia with a flick of a wrist…

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