The Shelf

On the Shelf resides NaNoWriMo projects past, present and future. Some await completion of the first draft, while others may be left alone, never to be returned to for whatever reason that could be.

2009: Annika Travis

Synopsis: In the far future, when a broken Earth lies forgotten as its nations spread out across the Milky Way, laying claim to all the galaxy has to offer, magic has emerged once more. Witches and wizards alike travel between systems offering their services to those who would seek it, much to the concern of governments, scientists and those that either see magic as a widespread deception or a powerful and dangerous weapon in the hands of fools.

When the planet of Hartlepool is destroyed by a horrific planet-eating entity, one witch takes it upon herself to investigate and discovers a far more disturbing truth behind the monster’s appearance.

Currently on the shelf pending an unlikely rewrite. Despite reaching the big 50K with this story, I came to the realisation that the whole thing carried far too many parallels with Star Wars for my liking.

2010: Sunrise: Sophia Dawn (previously Sonia Dawn)

Synopsis: Things couldn’t have looked any higher for Sophia Dawn: after years of effort her band, Homework, have finally been signed to a major label and their future is looking bright. Of course, where there is light, there is darkness. A celebratory night out takes a turn for the worse when a sex offender tries to have his way with Sophia. Friends rush to her aid, only to find a large hole in the wall, an unconscious man with his trousers down to his ankles and the would-be victim reeling from the near-miss.

Sophia’s future is now uncertain in the face of betrayal and forces that would see the once-optimistic singer and her new powers under their control or destined for an early grave, and to stand a chance of ever getting her life back she will have to place her trust in strangers with the promise of answers and friends with loyalties heavily in doubt.

Unfinished and may be completely rewritten to implement ideas I should have thrown in the first time around while cutting out some really terrible leaps of logic.

2011: The Reconstructed Girl: Sophia Dawn

Synopsis: A new age has dawned, both for humanity and Sophia, and for the first time in months she feels that some semblance of normality has returned to her life despite the everything around her being a world away from what she once knew.

Normality, however, took a long walk off a short pier all those months ago and it’s not long before Sophia finds herself thrown into another mystery close to her heart when a powerful killing machine with an uncanny resemblance to an old school friend, deceased for more than a decade, makes the news.

Unfinished, may need a few major changes.



2012: Fae Crisis: Sophia Dawn

Synopsis: The grand opening of a new club in the city of Suncaster is marred by a multiple murder on its very doorstep. Sophia and the gang join the hunt for the butcher responsible. Very quickly, though, the mutant songstress finds herself faced with an army of very angry fairies with an unclear grudge against the city’s human residents and an unwelcoming band of magically-inclined vigilantes, one of whom happens to take issue with the presence of the demigoddess government agent sent to assist in the murder investigation.

And just what does the nightclub’s proprietor think she’s hiding, anyway?

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