Battle Music: FM Attack – Runaway (feat. Kristine)

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FM Attack has a new album out and it’s pretty damn good. This track, mixing summery mid-to-late-80s style melodies with sweeping sci-fi sounds, has been a highlight for some time now, and it’s almost as if it’s perfectly suited to something like (and this may be brain searching for NaNoWriMo inspiration here) a futuristic resort where everything looks a lot like the coastal resorts you see today, but there’s got to be a few slight differences.

Maybe the jet-skis in use nearby turn out to be amphibious. And road legal. Perhaps some of the road traffic along the beach road is taking to the skies or landing in between other vehicles before continuing on their merry way. Maybe none of that and people can just see spacecraft parking up in the waters of the port in the distance. Futuristic settings don’t always have to be cluttered up with gadgets and tech and big neon screens, like a lot of Hollywood movies love to do sometimes. Sometimes just a small change to what we already have in the present is enough.

Battle Music: Diana Gitallog – To be alive is to turn on your synth and look for trouble

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I’ve been doing a lot of trawling of SoundCloud the past couple of weeks, just looking for some new stuff, but the last week or so has seen this being played on repeat. Almost constantly.

Imagine a small band of heroes marching away from the scene of a final battle, or taking off in the comfort of the vessel they’ve either arrived in or have commandeered in their escape. They are victorious, but they are beaten, battered and generally aren’t leaving unscathed, in more ways than one. They’ve saved the day, but not without losing some of their closest friends and allies along the way. Behind them, the place that their adventures have led them to quickly crumbles to dust, perhaps through an act of the adventurers’ own making, or the inability of their now-defeated foe to hold it all together with its power. The heroes take one last look at the destruction, then head home, eager for some well-deserved rest. Cue the credits.

You’re pretty much listening to the perfect soundtrack to that whole sequence here. Anyone leaving the cinema before this song’s done playing over them is sorely missing out.

And yeah, maybe I did catch the end of Krull the other day, which may or may not coincide with this song’s cover art. I hope that’s not a problem.

Battle Music: Shio-Z – Space Night Girl

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Maybe it’s because NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, but lately I’ve been using a couple of previous Battle Music themes to toss a few ideas in my head, all in the style of 80s TV-style intros. It’s a thing I do. My past NaNoWriMo efforts were influenced, in some small part, by 80s TV, to the point where I actually wrote a quick synopsis for last year’s attempt in the style of such a TV show. Dynatron’s “Cruiser”, as an example, had me thinking of some kind of Doctor Who-style story about someone travelling between universes on a motorcycle, so I tried to imagine that as a TV show, with that track as its intro theme.

Shio-Z’s “Space Night Girl”, the final track of his recently-released album “Science of the Night” (an album that has the word “Night” in the title of every track, which is pretty neat) is no exception. If my barely-formed concept for NaNo 2013 was a TV show, this would be a perfect fit for it. It’s the kind of track that is both epic and full of optimism. Hell, if someone took the intro to Star Trek: Voyager and edited this into it, the end result would be just as awesome as the original. Which might be an exaggeration, but I don’t care. This track’s grand ending is just asking to be associated with spaceships zooming off into the vast ocean of stars.

Battle Music: Keenan Sieg – Shortcut Eagle

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ArenaNet’s greatest April Fools’ joke to date, the Super Adventure Box, returned this week with a complete World 2 and proper establishment into Tyria’s lore.

Image from Know Your Meme

While connection issues (*cough*) and real life have prevented me from getting beyond World 2-1 for now, this track is easily one of the highlights of the update. The appropriately-named chiptune “Shortcut Eagle” (because there is a part where you ride a giant 8-bit eagle) thunders on at a steady rhythm, its melody carrying heroes on to their final destination. The best part starts around the 0:45 mark, with the expertly-crafted drum loop across the whole track coming a very close second. I’m talking the diameter of a grain of sand close.

Battle Music – August 2013

The past couple of weeks have been a bit chaotic and have sapped much of my energy, so I almost forgot to make this post. Sorry!

Battle Music for August 2013:

Battle Music: Giorgio Moroder – Chase (Nightcrawler remix)

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I received a link to this yesterday around the same time I discovered that my page views were starting to skyrocket, which marks a couple of firsts for this blog: the first I’d ever heard of “Chase”, and the first time the contact form has been used. Seriously.

So, anyway, it’s true that I’d never even heard of “Chase” until now. Nobody’s perfect. There’s a lot I’ve yet to stumble across. That said, after giving this remix a listen, I made a note of looking up the original version, which serves as part of a soundtrack to the movie Midnight Express. Again, something I never knew existed until now. Without knowing the context of the original and based on Wikipedia’s description of the movie’s plot, I’m guessing this accompanied the final daring escape, and judging by the pace of the original one that needed care, caution and good planning to pull off. Remember, I’m guessing, here.

This remix by George Gold, aka Nightcrawler, adds a lot more urgency, and doesn’t suffer at all for it. It’s as if all that planning has gone out the window by way of an unforeseen circumstance, and the hell-hole in question has gone on full alert. The escapee’s forced to think of a “Plan B” pronto, and that might require running down a few who would dare get in the way.

Both versions are great in their own right, and it’s a rare thing for me to enjoy a remix as well as the original, if not better. This remix has managed to achieve just that.

Battle Music: Vincenzo Salvia – Summer Love (feat. Chrissy Valentine)

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It’s been a bit difficult to put my finger on a favourite track on Vincenzo Salvia’s latest EP, Summer Love. All of it’s pretty much on an equal level of brilliance. That said, since Battle Music posts are restricted to one track at a time, and I haven’t had the time or energy of late to devote an Insert Disk 7 post to an album, I’ve essentially forced myself to choose. That said, there’s nothing stopping me from writing another BM post for a different track on the same EP. I’ve done it before.

If it’s going to be one track, it has to be the eponymous one, for a number of reasons, prime among them being that it’s a vocal track, with is a bit of a rarity, and it’s pretty fast-paced. Like, cruising down a seaside road in a dune buggy, and weaving between existing traffic fast.

I can also safely say that this is a track that’s got me dancing in my chair a fair bit.

Battle Music: nervous_testpilot – My Intuition

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From the forthcoming sports strategy game Frozen Endzone, this track has been made, as per the song description on Soundcloud, for highlight reels in-game.

And truth be told, as well as being a epic piece of trance that has actually managed to lodge itself into my head like an musical knife (which is more than can be said for a lot of newer trance of late), it’s practically perfect for just about any future-sports setting, including those that warrant the crowd going wild at a team’s star player being knocked to the ground, their nose having been torn off by a high-velocity ball they hadn’t spotted until it was too late. And of course, Frozen Endzone‘s setting too.

Battle Music – July 2013

This recap also includes Battle Music covered in May and June.