Insert Disk 7: Return To Labyrinth-Movie Poster by VladislavPANtic

Labyrinth, the story of a teenager’s quest to save her baby brother from Jareth the Goblin King with the help of a gang of nightmare-fuel Muppets, is an awesome movie. Don’t deny it. Sadly, the closest thing it got to a sequel was the four-volume original English-language manga Return to Labyrinth. Authorised, but whether it’s considered canon, I know not and I care not. I honestly give zero damns about it. Aside from… seriously, what the crap, TokyoPop?

I’m not even sure that it needed a sequel to be honest, anyway.

That said, if – in some ideal alternate universe – Return was a true live-action sequel, this masterpiece by DeviantArtist Vladislav Pantic would totally be its official poster He has a couple of other Labyrinth posters too, one of which became a Daily Deviation. I much prefer this one, though.

Image © Vladislav Pantic

Insert Disk 7: Summer of 84 by KAPPAKAVI

Pink Ferrari? YES Please.

I’ve said before that DeviantArt is a pain to trawl, but somehow, among all the brony porn, Justice League fancasting, and terrible attempts at manga, I stumbled across this gem inspired by Golgo 13.

I think I need to be watching that movie sometime soon.

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Insert Disk 7: The UNO III Streetbike


Image from

The UNO III is an awesomely strange beast. It’s an electric bike that automatically contracts itself at low speeds, leaving it rolling entirely on its two back wheels until it picks up the pace again.

It’s not a speedy vehicle, offering only 30MPH tops – half that in its two-wheeled “UNO” mode – and offers only an hour’s travel at that top speed on a full charge but from a fictional standpoint, if it were on par with a petrol-powered streetbike, you’d have a crime fightin’ machine on your hands, even more so with some gadgets and weaponry fitted to it (Micro Missiles Make Motorcycles Magnificent!) and perhaps the option to override the automation of UNO mode.

Any street-level crimefighter, though, may want to give it a more intimidating lick of paint. Orangey red just doesn’t scream “pee yourselves in the face of street justice, evildoers”, does it? Throw in an 80s synth theme to go with it, too. Worked for Street Hawk, right?

The totally non-fictional non-crimefighting UNO III is available at Firebox if you happen to have £8,500 and/or a reckless disregard for money. Seriously, do not use this to pancake the chavs selling illegal ciggies around the corner. You probably won’t live long enough to regret the stupidity of it. That should be a sufficient enough disclaimer.

Insert Disk 7: ShaZAMMM by Jonathan Wyke

Jonathan Wyke originally attempted to draw a fan-art rendition of DC Comics’ Captain Marvel, but that didn’t go too well. Instead he took to drawing his own re-imagining of Earth’s Mightiest Mortal, which has turned out looking nothing short of godly brilliance and also serves as an fine example of how magic-based heroes don’t need to be parading around in cloaks and cowls all the damn time.

At the risk of getting my head bitten off for saying this, players of City of Heroes, Champions Online and DCUO should really take note.

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Pencils version can be found here.

Artwork by Jonathan Wyke, used under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 licence. Captain Marvel/Shazam character is ©DC Comics