A Toy By Any Other Name

Earlier this week, The Shakespearean Insult Kit had been doing the rounds, albeit in grotty JPEG screenshot form that gave absolutely zero indication of its origins as a webpage on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s site. The Insult Kit was simply three lists of components and the reader was required to select one from each and precede the completed insult with “Thou”. That didn’t stop my urge to use this as the basis for a little randomised constructor program, for the most part just to give myself something to help wrap my head around Python’s GUI framework of choice, Tkinter.

The outcome was two versions, one that ran in the command line and the GUI-based one that I was aiming for. The CLI-based version came out of the fact I built the actual construction code as a function first, and needed something to test that it returned a full-formed insult. Ultimately, though, both versions do the same thing: construct an insult from the lists provided in the original Insult Kit and preface it with “Thou”. The GUI one does have the added option to copy the insult to the clipboard, too.

Once again, it requires Python 2.7 which you can download from python.org or, if you’re using a Linux distribution with a package manager, you can install it from there if it hasn’t been already. You may also need to install Tkinter from there as well (I found it listed under python-tkinter). The Windows version’s installer came with it already. To run, unzip it somewhere first, open a command line, navigate to the folder that you extracted everything to, and then type “python insult_constructor.py” for the CLI version, or “python insult_constructor_ui.py” for the GUI one.

The download link can be found below these screenshots, along with a link to the repository on Github. Both links contain both versions of the constructor.

Shakespearean Insult Constructor (CLI version)

CLI version

Shakespearean Insult Constructor (GUI version)

GUI version
Download | Github

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