Reverse Course: Beneath A Steel Sky (Part 10 – Servering LINC)

All that's missing is a sunset to ride into.

Foster succeeded in opening a doorway by poisoning a massive, horrific living organism, and proceeded to attempt the second most stupid thing he could ever do to reach it. After risking a dip in what appeared to be stomach acid to swing through the door, our hero seems to have reached his goal.

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Reverse Course: Beneath A Steel Sky (Part 9 – Deeper Underground)

So... it's coffee?

After Foster’s unsuccessful attempt to spare Hobbins the terrible fate of two hours of community service, I return my attention to finding that disused subway, and in turn — here’s hoping — LINC. I pop back into St. James and direct Foster to ask Colston about a possible subway.

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Reverse Course: Beneath A Steel Sky (Part 8 – Blind Justice)

Robert Foster: Arse Attorney.

I’d succeeded in giving a flea-ridden dog a well-overdue bath as a means of distraction, allowing Foster to sneak into a guarded cathedral undetected, only to be confronted by a small army of Mister Cools. Fortunately they only prove to be inanimate dummies.

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Reverse Course: Beneath A Steel Sky (Part 7 – Going Up In This World Means Going Down)

Up yours and all, buddy.

Remember when I said that I found it strange that Foster didn’t call Joey over to the elevator before descending to ground level, despite him being on the same screen at the time? Well, there is a reason for that and that reason is possibly one of the dumbest inconvenient plot devices I’ve seen in an adventure game to date:

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Reverse Course: Beneath A Steel Sky (Part 6 – Ports of Call)

BASS - Part 6 - screen13

Foster has gained access to Dr. Burke’s surgery in the hopes of getting a Schriebmann port installed into his head. He strolls in to find Burke, a man of a stereotypical mad scientist appearance, rummaging around a patient who appears to be awake the whole time.

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Reverse Course: Beneath A Steel Sky (Part 5 – Once More, With Joey!)

"...and his failure to live up to them."

Returning to the factory level, I spot Joey moping around and being useless,so I give him something to do: analyse the cable. The robot reveals that it should hold Foster’s weight. All fine and well, but I would need a reason to use it in such a manner to begin with. I idly check out the LINC terminal and discover a new, erm, news story.

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Reverse Course: Beneath A Steel Sky (Part 4 – Belle Ends)

"Going up in this world means going down."

Successfully restoring power to the elevator has allowed me to take Foster to the next level, in a literal sense of the term. He steps out into the walkway of an area that appears far more cleaner and far less industrial than the last. Seems to be more of a residential or business district. And what is this I see to the right of the screen?
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Reverse Course: Beneath A Steel Sky (Part 3 – Piping Down)

Hearing this, it's quite possible a miracle that Foster and Reich even survived.

After a George R. R. Martin moment in the furnace, Foster steps out into the open city once again, this time without the pressure of several guns pointed directly at his head. Speaking of heads, there’s probably a number of questions running through Foster’s, many of which all boil down to “Where next?”

Asking Joey, of course, is an exercise in futility.

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Reverse Course: Beneath A Steel Sky (Part 2 – A Reich Royal Pain)


Last time, I left Robert Foster — the game’s protagonist — hanging around in the shadows of a strange facility, lying in hope of the guard down below buggering off. Seems this isn’t happening any time soon, so he needs to figure out how to get rid of him. Descending the stairs isn’t an option. Well, it is, if he feels like eating a laser to the face halfway down, ultimately ending the game prematurely and presenting the player with the message “Game over player one. BE VIGILANT.”

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Reverse Course: Beneath A Steel Sky (Part 1 – The Intro)

This guy.

One of the things I want to start making a note of doing is actually finishing some of the stupid amounts of games that I’ve bought or otherwise obtained (legally, mind you), and as an incentive to achieving that end, I took a leaf out of another blogger’s book and thought it would be worth blogging my own gaming adventures, starting with something I thought should be easy to blog about: Beneath A Steel Sky. Beyond this point, spoilers lie, so these posts are going to have a jump, like it or not.

Beneath A Steel Sky is classic point-and-click adventure game from Revolution Software, the same studio responsible for the Broken Sword series in all its forms, some excellent, others not too great. Looking at you, Sleeping Dragon. The game was originally released on MS-DOS and the Amiga, but can now be played on pretty much any operating system that can run ScummVM.

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